547,200 new websites were created yesterday
Was yours one of them?

If not, this may be a good time to evaluate your Web strategy.

Whether your site is the public face of a small business or a personal presence, a custom-designed, hand-crafted site can be what you need to distinguish you and your site from all the rest.

GARY E. OSIUS | AD HOC Associates

We Can Help

If you are looking for a truly hand-crafted, custom designed website — or a makeover — you may well benefit from looking inside.

Inside you will not find a bunch of create-a-site-yourself-in-10-minutes templates.

Nor will you find supposed user-friendly content management systems that promise to give you the experience of a 20-year webmaster with the click of a mouse.

What you will find is personalized website design coupled with built-in support to make sure your site — your very important online identity — is exactly what you want it to be and remains so without you having to become an HTML/CSS/JS/BS expert.